Framework for Airlines and Airports to Mitigate the Public Health Risks of Coronavirus

A National Strategy for Recovery of the U.S. Air Transportation System

While it is critically important for all users of the air transportation system to be educated about the public health risk and mitigation measures and to take responsibility for preventing the spread of COVID-19, the U.S. Government has developed this guidance document specifically to support airports and airlines in public health risk reduction. This document identifies measures that airports and airlines should implement across all operations and all phases of travel to, from, and within the United States, and explains how those measures should be adapted to the unique air travel environment. The U.S. Government recognizes the substantial public health risk mitigation measures that many air carriers and airports have already implemented and the investments they continue to make in new ways to address public health risk. In order to promote consistency throughout the air travel system and enhance confidence, the measures outlined in this document should be implemented as soon as feasible, insomuch as similar measures are not already in place. The U.S. Government welcomes industry innovation and feedback on best practices, flexible methods for implementation, and metrics that achieve the public health risk reduction outcomes identified in this guidance. Many of the updates in this guidance reflect that ongoing, valuable feedback and sharing of best practices.

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