About ACP

The Aviation Council of Pennsylvania (ACP) is a non-profit trade association which has been representing the aviation industry since 1960.

Who We Are

The Aviation Council of Pennsylvania consists of airports, fixed-base operators, flight schools, business aircraft operators, aerospace manufacturers and suppliers, air charter operators, and other aviation organizations and suppliers all working together to improve and promote the aviation industry throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

ACP is committed to accommodating the diverse needs of Pennsylvania’s aviation industry and to help optimize the contributions of business aviation for enhanced global connectivity. All of these are essential to PA’s aviation’s sustainable operations and long-term growth.

The purpose of the ACP is to represent the Pennsylvania aviation industry in matters involving government and private sector interests; to improve and promote aviation in partnership with local, state, and federal government; and to increase and enhance public awareness of aviation.

ACP’s vision is for all Pennsylvanians to realize greater prosperity through safe, secure, and sustainable air transport operations. We clearly recognize that it must support the varied but often complementary needs of commercial and general aviation operators alike. And we will continue to work closely with the legislature to make certain that the aviation industry’s voice remains an important one around the table.