Our Annual Conference

Experience the premier gathering of aviation’s finest in Pennsylvania—a dynamic hub that empowers a $24 billion economic footprint annually.

In an industry that’s shifting at high speed, informed conversation isn’t just good—it’s essential. This conference is your portal to forge connections, amplify collaboration, and sharpen your understanding of the aviation pulse.

Witness firsthand how Pennsylvania takes center stage in the aviation saga, celebrating its iconic past, current triumphs, and the audacious future vision. Rub shoulders with a melting pot of attendees: industry stalwarts, innovative start-ups, policy champions, and academic thinkers.

More than just an event, it’s a beacon for the undying spirit and grit of Pennsylvania’s aviation tribe. Every year, our convergence paves the way for transformative leaps in the industry. From navigating fresh regulations, spotlighting infrastructural opportunities, to designing growth blueprints, we ensure you’re equipped for the journey ahead.

  • Engage in vibrant dialogues on aviation’s burning topics: from regional airport growth to crucial safety measures.
  • Access exclusive speakers and Senate Aviation Caucus panels.
  • Address today’s critical challenges: from eco-sustainability, cutting-edge tech trends to molding the next-gen aviation workforce.