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At the heart of the aviation world, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) stands as a formidable advocate for pilots of all levels, from seasoned aviators to eager students embarking on their aviation journeys. Beyond its primary role as an advocate for pilots’ rights and safety, AOPA extends its reach even further through the AOPA Foundation, dedicated to nurturing the next generation of aviators. 


For students with dreams of taking flight, AOPA serves as a guiding light, providing an array of resources and opportunities.

The AOPA Foundation offers a wide range of scholarships tailored to various stages of aviation education. These scholarships provide financial assistance to students pursuing private pilot certificates, instrument ratings, and even advanced degrees in aviation-related fields.

Supporting the Dream: The AOPA Foundation

Behind every successful pilot, there is often a network of supporters who believed in their dreams. The AOPA Foundation plays a vital role in fostering the dreams of future aviators by providing financial assistance, educational opportunities, and safety awareness initiatives. Your contribution to the AOPA Foundation ensures that the aviation community continues to grow and thrive.

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