The Pennsylvania Aviation Council would like to express its gratitude to the State Senate for its support of SB 562.  Recently, in a very bipartisan fashion, the State Senate passed SB 562 with a vote of 39-10.  This legislation would create the ALDZ (Airport Land development Zone) program.  The program is structured to incentivize development on vacant land and buildings owned by airports and leased to private businesses.  It is estimated that a total of 5200 jobs could be created across the state over the next five years if the program is enacted. 

The Aviation Council would like to especially thank Senator Scavello and Senator Langerholc for leading the effort to get this bill to the finish line.  A special thanks also to Senator Corman, Senator Kim Ward as well as co-sponsors Senators Browne, Argall, Bartolotta, Boscola, Mensch, Pittman, Schwank, Stefano and Judy Ward.

We look forward to our future discussions with state House Leaders and members as we work to build additional support for the program.