August Engineering Webinar

Concrete Overlays for General Aviation Airports


John M. Becker

John M. Becker is the President of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA/PA), where he has represented the Pennsylvania concrete pavement industry since 2000. He previously served 16-years as a federal civil servant, primarily with FHWA, where he was involved with developing policy and guidance on pavement design and construction matters, as well as working for a number of Division offices providing technical assistance to state highway agencies. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois where he earned both his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Civil Engineering, and he is a registered professional engineer in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Tim Martin

Tim Martin is the Senior Vice President of the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA/National) in charge of Technical Services. A Distinguished Graduate award recipient of Texas A&M University, he received both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Civil Engineering, specializing in pavements and materials. He has practiced pavement engineering nationally and internationally for the past 30 years and was the Manager of the FHWA’s Southern Region Long Term Pavement Performance program. He provides pavement consulting services and forensic engineering and litigation support to contractors, agencies and engineering firms.

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